The design of the residence is made up as follows and has the following features:

Built 3669 sqf on 2 levels, which are composed as follows:

  • Lobby

  • 1 Master Bedroom

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • Guest Bath

  • Living Room

  • Dining room

  • Kitchen

  • Study

  • Room service

  • Laundry

  • 3 Car Garage

  • Swimming pool

  • Terrace

All this you find sheet. Pdf and. Cad, so no need to resort to special programs for construction to be viewed.

The sheets are very easy to understand and have sufficient information for understanding them. In the pictures you will find the following information:

Architectural Plans, which are detailed with furniture, dimensions and additional indications for the understanding of the project.

Sections, with wide measures, standards and guidelines for better understanding of the project.

Elevations, elevations of all sides and levels with measures for better understanding of the project.

Finishes, indicating the type of finish on floors, walls and ceilings.

With this information you can make adjustments to your local building system and to extend and / or modify the project while retaining its essence, that is, always starting from the idea that the architect's original design.

We are fully confident that will meet your expectations to get it. Greetings!

Francisco Javier Pérez León

Estudio Fraja™ brings you the architectural project "Contemporary house ™" link in Youtube video, available to offer plans in digital format so you can download and perform as it appears in the video or if you prefer can be modified according to your needs.